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5 Perfect Office Plants

Furniture manufacturers reps Having a bit of greenery in the office helps keep people feeling bright and cheerful. It is also good for the environment, and in more ways than one. Not only do plants release oxygen into the atmosphere, but many of them extract harmful pollutants. Choosing your office plants wisely can make your workspace not just brighter, but healthier too.

Rubber Plants

Rubber plants remove toxins such as formaldehyde from the air. They also produce a higher quantity of oxygen than most other plants. Although they do require a fairly large amount of water, they can tolerate low light levels with ease, and are pretty hardy. They are not prone to drowning so long as a layer of pebbles is placed under the soil for drainage, so a heavy watering twice a week is enough if they are kept in a reasonably sized pot. Their shiny, verdant leaves are a pleasure to look at, and they are perfect for waiting areas as they can grow up to fifty feet tall.

office furniture, plants for the officeIvy

Ivy, especially English Ivy, is relatively easy to care for and has evergreen leaves, giving you greenery in the office year round. It needs something to climb up or around, such as a support beam or trellis. Some office equipment and paper products produce a toxin called benzene into the air. This has been shown to disrupt the central nervous system, breaking concentration and slowing down though processes. English Ivy absorbs and neutralises benzene, making your workplace a safer environment.

Peace Lily

office environmentPeace Lilies soak up microscopic mould spores from the air through their leaves, and absorb vapours from the atmosphere such as alcohol and acetone. They have bright, deep green leaves year round, and produce large white trumpet shaped flowers in the summer months. They are easy to care for, and actually prefer to be over-watered infrequently and then left to dry out in between.

office furniture repSpider Plant

The spider plant works best in a hanging basket, and requires minimal care. They prefer bright sunlight so should be kept in a window, but are pretty hardy and can survive almost anywhere. Most variations have striped green and white leaves which look stunning, and mature plants will also produce clusters of tight white flowers.


office plants, office furniture, office environmentIn terms of hardy plants that require little care, you can’t go wrong with a cactus or two. These desert plants can survive in almost any conditions, and if you are forgetful when it comes to watering there is no need to worry. Cacti need water occasionally like any other plant, but they can last weeks on the water they store each time.

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