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5 Items That Will Add A Bit Of Luxury To Your Tired Looking Office

Do you ever walk into someone’s office and your eyes get drawn to something completely unexpected? We should really be paying attention to what’s happening, but for some reason there’s something amazing we see out the corner of our eye and we have to take a closer look. You probably tell yourself you have to get one of those. They look amazing. This happens all the time but always turns out the same way. We eventually just forget about it.

Imagine what your office would look like if you never forgot. What if you wrote it down and went out to buy one the same? Your office would look absolutely amazing. Much better than everyone else’s in your building. So today I’m hoping we can solve that problem. No longer will you have to write anything down, because you can take a look at some amazing things that will completely change the look of your boring office. See if anything here shouts out at you.

A big fish tank

When you see the blue of a fish tank your eyes are always drawn to it. Then as you begin to notice the fish you can’t help but become fixated on the way they move. Nobody can deny that a fish tank looks absolutely amazing inside an office. We always appreciate them when we see them. The only problem is cleaning them out. You would probably have to hire someone to do it for you, but if you’re OK with that then go for it.

A huge plant

Having a plant in an office is nice, but having a huge plant in the corner of the room is even better. One that looks so big it would take an entire river to keep it watered. They look great because they are fresh and alive. It’s almost as if you think you are outside when you look at it, which is where we would rather be than than work, right? The next time you’re in a garden center have a look for something that takes your breath away.

A monster chair

It’s not actually called a monster chair, but have you ever noticed someone with a chair that looks like a bed? If you sat down on it there is no way you wouldn’t fall asleep. Once you learn not to fall asleep you can get as much more done as before, except you’ll have the most comfortable chair in the entire world. Every morning you will have a big smile on your face as you go to sit down.

An expensive looking painting

You’ll will notice I said expensive looking, not expensive. You don’t need to run out and spend a million dollars on the credit card to make your office look classy. How much is a painting actually worth anyway? It’s only expensive if someone will pay that much money for it. Unless you expect a lot of art critics passing through your office, nobody is going to know how much your painting is worth. But if you choose something that looks amazing, or completely crazy, then they will think it cost a little money.

A little comfort on the floor

Office carpets aren’t the most glamorous in the world. Maybe you got lucky and have wooden flooring. No matter what you have on the floor, you can make it look a lot better by laying down a nice rug. A rug is one of those things that doesn’t take up too much space, but it could turn into the centerpiece of the room. Everyone that walks in can’t help but notice it. Again, you don’t need to spend all your wages on it. Just pick one that looks beautiful and is comfortable.

Thomas Brown is a home decor expert and an interior designer who designs office and home space for his clients. He suggests the services of Habitat1 Melbourne for office remodelling.

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