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EnerLogic Films – Award-Winning Window Film Product Increases Energy Efficiency & Cuts Costs for Commercial and Residential Properties

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The energy efficiency of your home or office building relies heavily on the insulation provided by your windows. During the summer months, a great amount of heat enters the building, putting a heavier load on your HVAC system and increasing cooling costs. During the winter, heat escapes from the building, resulting in an enhanced heating system output. Although the market has window films that provide solutions for the summer, EnerLogic Films are a revolutionary new innovation in window film, designed to deliver efficient performance throughout the year.

With advanced insulation properties and a remarkably low emissivity, EnerLogic Films help you efficiently manage your electrical systems throughout the year. This powerful window film product helps reduce energy consumption even with poorly protected windows. Although their thermal performance is similar to that achieved by high efficiency windows with double-glazing, the cost of installing EnerLogic Films are significantly lower. With this low-cost technology, these films considerably reduce your yearly energy bills, making them a fantastic investment.

EnerLogic Films – Uses and Impact on the Environment

EnerLogic was awarded “Technology of the Year” by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) this year, and is provided by Vista Window film, an industry leader for commercial window tinting. There is surely no better way to insulate your windows than EnerLogic Films. Available at an affordable price, the films have substantially decreased the carbon footprint of the organizations that have adopted them, thereby impacting the environment in a positive way.

Compared to glass windows that are insulated with regular tinting products, insulation with EnerLogic Films can generate enough power to make single-pane windows deliver the yearly insulating performance achieved from double-pane windows, while making double-pane windows deliver the performance of triple-pane windows. These films substantially decrease greenhouse gases by eliminating the need to manufacture new window frames and glass. They also help preserve the environment by reducing the amount of glass waste dumped into landfills. There is no doubt that the Low E technology used by EnerLogic sets its products apart from the rest of the market.

Benefits of Using EnerLogic Films

Due to the strong link between greenhouse gas emissions and energy use, EnerLogic films assist with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification points by saving a large amount of energy in comparison to other kinds of windows or window films.

The installation of EnerLogic films is best performed by a certified dealer of Vista Window Films. Enerlogic is perfect for commercial as well as residential applications. They can help in achieving sustainability in commercial offices, universities and schools, health care facilities, government buildings, retail spaces, and apartments or homes.

A small investment in these commercial window tinting products can help make a big difference to the environment as the use of EnerLogic Films significantly reduces the levels of energy consumption, helps in saving natural resources, and increases energy efficiency. Enerlogic is a great strategy for cutting costs in your home or office, and freeing up money to add value elsewhere.

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